Derry Connection

  • What it does: Maps out connections between Stephen King books (there are a lot of them).
  • Why we made it: We're both huge Stephen King fans, but Maya especially has been writing down connections from various books for years and wanted a place to put them all.
  • Built with: Python, Django, Bootstrap
  • Logos by: Emmi

Maya's Bloody Blog

  • What it does: Keeps track of all the Bloody Mary's Maya tries.
  • Why we made it: She drinks a lot of them. And has very strong opinions about which ones are good.
  • Built with: Tumblr

Standing Clock

  • What it does: Tracks amount of time you spend standing up at work and therefore not dying.
  • Why we made it: Maya started standing at work and didn't find it inherently competitive enough. She stopped using it almost immediately, but tons of people (weirdly) haven't yet.
  • Built with: Python, Google Appengine
  • Design help from: Our buddy Dave

Garbage Life

  • What it is: A short-lived look at our life as a broke young couple living in a basement in Brooklyn.
  • Why we made it: We thought it was really funny how much of our furniture and decor was found on the streets of Park Slope.
  • Built with: Tumblr

Fashion's Night Out Live

  • Status: DEAD
  • What it did: Showed a live feed of content from Fashion's Night Out 2011, as tagged on various social networks.
  • Why we made it: For some reason, an agency contracted us to build this website. We don't know anything about fashion, and (at least at the time) didn't know how to build websites.
  • Built with: Python, Tornado, Instagram API
  • Designed by: HD Made